Every wind storm, snow storm or heat wave forces your roof to expand and contract. With every gust of wind, snow storm or driving rain structure of your roofing sytem is affected. Any storm, no matter how weak or strong it is, can cause unseen damage to the structure of your roof. Water can find its way into even the minute openings in your roof..
    Our Free 10 Point Roof Inspection:

    The attic for adequate ventilation and insulation
    All pipe flashing and storm collars for proper seal and integrity
    All rubber boots at the top of pipes for dry rot
    All valleys for cracks
    The flashing at all walls
    The gutters and downspouts for blockage
    The shingles for proper overhang at gutters, and eaves
    The shingles to see if any are loose, curled, brittle, or deteriorated
    The shingles for granule loss
    The fastening method of shingles at original installation, and verify seals on shingles to help prevent wind

    Our Free Siding Inspection:

    Check missing or damaged siding
    Check weep holes for drainage
    Check integerity
    Match exsisting siding
    Check for hail damage

    Tri State Restoration also:

    Replace sheeting
    Clean/replace flooring

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